What Is Angel Academy?

Empowering women to shape the future of funding.

Female Funders' Angel Academy investor accelerator program gives corporate and tech leaders the knowledge, access, and network needed to become successful early-stage investors.

We need more women in early-stage funding

  • 7% of deal-making venture capitalists are women

  • 2.2% of VC funding going to women entrepreneurs

  • 85% of LP capital investment in Canadian funds in 2018 was in funds with all-male partners

Many women have the expertise, experience, and capital to be an investor — but don’t know where to start. Angel Academy is the key that unlocks the mystery of the investment process.

Through online learning modules, practical examples, and mentorship you will gain the tools, knowledge, and community to confidently build your first investment plan.

Joining Angel Academy was my way to make a difference with the knowledge and network to start investing in early-stage ventures.
Elizabeth Caley
COO, Meta Inc.

Join Angel Academy

Join our next collaborative cohort of powerhouse women around North America to develop your successful path to investing. 

Please apply by September 23rd.