How It Works

Angel Academy is an accelerator program that combines education and support to set you up for a powerful first investment.

2 months


Self-directed online modules Review and engage with program content at your own pace, ask questions, start discussions, and explore resources.

Office Hours Every two weeks, connect with fellow cohort participants and an experienced investor during a one-hour live webinar.

4 months


Apprenticeship Be matched with a mentor for hourlong check-ins every month. Gain insight from an experienced investor, access experiential learning opportunities, and get personalized investment advice.

6 months


Global Community A place to connect and develop, both on- and offline.

Investment Opportunities Curated opportunities, investor roundtables, in-person events, and ongoing resources combine to help make your first investment a success.

Angel Academy Program Details

The Fundamentals

  • Valuations & Investment Stages
  • Venture Math
  • Alternatives To Venture Capital
  • How Venture Capital Funds Work

How To

  • Select Investment Opportunities
  • Discern What Makes Startup Fundable
  • Evaluate Teams, Products, Markets & Business Models

Deal Mechanics

  • The Due Diligence Process
  • Converts, Priced Rounds, SAFEs
  • Anatomy Of A Term Sheet & S/H Agreement
  • How To Read A Cap Table

Investment Plan

  • Develop Your Investment Thesis
  • Build A Deal Flow & Portfolio Strategy
  • Understand Liquidity Events Exits