October 16th, 2015

Female Funders community member Abigail Slater invests in Bridgit

Abigail is passionate about supporting female entrepreneurs. Her most recent angel investment is in Bridgit, a construction communication platform founded by Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Hasegawa in 2013.We chatted with Abigail and Bridgit founder Mallorie to learn more about Bridgit’s funding round and about what led Abigail to this deal.

How they met

Abigail, as a founding Angel of SheEO* was originally introduced to Bridgit’s co-founders Mallorie and Lauren through Vicki Saunders, founder of SheEO*. Vicki Saunders mentored Bridgit through the Next 36 Team and thought the company would be an interesting opportunity for Abigail to get involved with.

What drew Abigail to Bridgit

The Team drew Abigail to this deal more than anything else. Abigail believes in the company’s founders and their ability to tackle the market. Bridgit’s co-founders Mallorie and Lauren met while in college at Western University - Mallorie was pursuing an Honours in Business Administration with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Lauren studied Civil Structural Engineering. In the early days, Mallorie and Lauren would go crane hunting across London, Ontario to find active construction projects and interview potential users.They have now gone on to not only build a strong business but have truly made waves in the construction industry.

Why now

Bridgit is growing rapidly. Their mobile and web platform has allowed General Contractors, Developers and Subcontractors to successfully closeout hundreds of projects and collaborate with thousands of team members across Canada and the US.  Now it’s the time to scale.

What the investment being used for

Brigit’s round of financing will allow them to quickly capture more of the construction market through the expansion of their sales team and will allow them to continue building the most user friendly construction software on the market.

Interested in learning more about Bridgit? Feel free to contact Bridgit Co-Founder Mallorie at mallorie@gobridgit.com.

Have you made a recent investment of your own that you’d like to showcase? Email hello@femalefunders.com.


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