Empowering women to shape the future of funding.

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What is Female Funders?

Female Funders offers an investor accelerator program that gives corporate and tech leaders the knowledge, access, and network needed to become successful early-stage investors.


  • Develop a deep understanding of the angel investing world
  • Join a global network of aspiring and experienced investors
  • Receive access to pre-screened investment opportunities
  • Pool resources alongside experienced investors
  • Gain the tools and knowledge to make better-informed decisions
  • Support female entrepreneurs and founders

We need more women in early-stage funding

Female leaders possess the industry knowledge, experience, and capital to make great investors. Studies indicate that women bring a holistic perspective to investment decisions and are better at matching their investments to their goals - yet only 1 in 5 investors are women.

Female Funders is changing this. Read the report here.

1 in 5
of all angel investors are women
of deal-making venture capitalists are women
Investing can be intimidating. Female Funders did a great job of pulling back the onion layers by providing a variety of tools and resources, making it easier to think about investment
Lauren Ledwell
Director, RBC Ventures

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