What Is Angel Academy?

An educational investor accelerator program designed for female leaders in the corporate and technology sectors.

  • Curious about the next step in your investing journey?

  • Want to shape the future as an innovative early-stage investor?

  • Ready to play a crucial role in an early-stage company?

Many women have the expertise, experience, and capital to be an investor — but don’t know where to start. Angel Academy is the key that unlocks the mystery of the investment process. Through online learning modules, practical examples, and mentorship you will gain the tools, knowledge, and community to confidently build your first investment plan.

Join our next collaborative cohort of powerhouse women around North America to develop your successful path to investing.

5% female investors and 3% of funds to female founders – this needs to change. Joining Angel Academy was my way to make a difference with the knowledge and network to start investing in early-stage ventures.
Elizabeth Caley
COO, Meta Inc.

How Does It Work?

2 months


Self-directed online modules Review and engage with program content at your own pace, ask questions, start discussions, and explore resources.

Office Hours Every two weeks, connect with fellow cohort participants and an experienced investor during a one-hour live webinar.

4 months


Apprenticeship Be matched with a mentor for hourlong check-ins every month. Gain insight from an experienced investor, access experiential learning opportunities, and get personalized investment advice.

6 months


Global Community A place to connect and develop, both on- and offline.

Investment Opportunities Curated opportunities, investor roundtables, in-person events, and ongoing resources combine to help make your first investment a success.

Angel Academy Program Details

The Fundamentals

  • Valuations & Investment Stages
  • Venture Math
  • Alternatives To Venture Capital
  • How Venture Capital Funds Work

How To

  • Select Investment Opportunities
  • Discern What Makes Startup Fundable
  • Evaluate Teams, Products, Markets & Business Models

Deal Mechanics

  • The Due Diligence Process
  • Converts, Priced Rounds, SAFEs
  • Anatomy Of A Term Sheet & S/H Agreement
  • How To Read A Cap Table

Investment Plan

  • Develop Your Investment Thesis
  • Build A Deal Flow & Portfolio Strategy
  • Understand Liquidity Events Exits

Who can join?

Angel Academy is designed for senior female leaders in the corporate and technology sectors who are curious about angel investing — and don’t yet know where to start. Cohort members are carefully selected from across North America to create a rich, diverse learning experience.

Participants typically meet the accredited investor criteria. Non-accredited investors are welcome to apply, however will not be able to access all investment opportunities. Participants are expected to make their first investment within 12 months of joining the program.

Are You Ready?

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