Women in Venture Report 2019

A baseline look at gender in venture capital

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Women in Venture Report

Venture Capital has a gender gap. What will you do to help close it?

You can't manage what you don't measure – so we measured it. We gathered data on over 300 venture capital firms and corporate venture arms across Canada and the USA to try to paint a clearer picture of the state of gender in venture capital.

This is about more than uncovering the data behind the problem. It's about giving institutions and individuals the information we need to understand where we're at, and take action.

As you read this year’s report, we urge you to consider: How will you take action to change who is at the table?

Where are the women in venture?

As seniority increases, representation drops

In the USA, female representation for Analysts starts at 31%, and goes down to 13.2% at the Partners level. For Canada, it goes from 51.9% to 15.2%; for Corporate VC's, it goes from 47.4% to 15.9%, respectively.

Most venture capital in Canada and the USA is controlled by teams with all-male managing partners

Of all dollars invested in venture capital funds in 2018, we estimate funds led by women managing partners raised only 9.97%.

Representation of women on corporate venture capital investment teams varies widely by industry

Percent of total investment team roles held by women, by industry:

Women in Aerospace is 29.4%; Automotive: 10.7%; CPG: 35.7%; Energy: 11.1%; Financial Services: 25.3%; Health: 37.7%; Manufacturing: 13.3%; Media/Entertainment: 19.1%; Property: 23.8%; Technology: 22.3%; and Telecom: 18.2%.

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